Adding a new image to your slide show is quick & easy! Log in to your WordPress Dashboard.  From the Dashboard, choose Slides This will

The Forms page not only displays a list of all of your existing forms, it also gives you a quick rundown on basic analytics such as views, number of

Often you will find that a change needs to be done to an existing form. To edit a form, click on Forms in the Dashboard. It will show you a list of

Meteor Slides are ordered, chronologically, by the publish date and time. That being said, the slide with the most recent date and time will appear

To create a slideshow using Meteor Slides, you first have to determine the size of your images you want to use in the slideshow and make sure all the

After your map is created, you can start adding locations. You can add as many to a map as you like and edit them as many times as needed. To Add a

Before you begin to manage your images, it is important to understand the difference between Albums and Galleries. ALBUMS – are a collection of

The Message Bar allows you to add an (easily removable) important message to the top of your home page. In the Dashboard, click Message

Add A New Gallery Go to Gallery > Add Gallery/Images > Add New Gallery. Here you will name the gallery you will be uploading your images

How to create a photo album and add galleries with NextGen Gallery. Before you begin to manage your Albums, it is important to understand the

SEO is all about optimizing your site so that search engines such as Google rank your content highly for specific search terms. A well constructed

MapifyPro allows you to upload multiple locations in a single upload. Save this as your last step after you have set up all of your maps. Select