Use a Custom Image for the Map

Setting up a map with a custom image rather than using Google Maps is almost identical to creating a new map. See the Add/Edit A Map post for more details.

There are only two settings you need to change:

  • Mode – dropdown to Image instead of Google Maps


  • Image Mode Setting – Click to add your map image here.
    Note РYou need two images. One to be used as the default view (typically smaller) and a second that is used for the zoomed in version (typically larger in scale) This keeps the map crisp and avoids distorting or stretching the image. Make sure the images are optimized for the web. 100kb is the ideal size for the default image, 300kb for the zoomed version. The two images must maintain the same aspect ratio for zooming to work properly. (Example: if the default image is 200kbx200kb the zoomed version should be 800kbx800kb, keeping the aspect ratio the same.) You can just ignore the Google Maps Mode Settings section.


After your settings are complete, be sure to click Publish or Update