Add/Edit A Map

MapifyPro allows you to create and maintain as many maps as you need. It organizes these maps in a library that you can add to, or edit at anytime.

To begin, click on Maps from your Dashboard – Add New.


Name your map and fill in the desired fields


Map Options:

  • Map ID – The map will be assigned a number only after the map is published. This number will be used in shortcodes when placing a map on a page or post.
  • Mode – Select from the dropdown menu whether you would like to display a Google map or a custom image.
  • Enable Search – This is where you can determine to include search capabilities.
  • Enable Filters – Here you can specify if you want to include a dropdown menu containing pre-defined filters.
  • Default Pin Image – Upload a default pinpoint image here. You can have as many unique pins as you like on every map. If you don’t assign a pin image to a location on a map, it will use this as the default pin image.
  • Enable zoom – In Google mode, you are able to “lock” the map so it is unable to zoom in or out.

Image Mode Settings:

  • Map Image – When using custom image mode, you need 2 images: one that appears by default, and one that appears when the user zooms in closer. The default view is the smaller image, the zoomed in view is a larger version. Each image must have the same aspect ratio for zoom to properly function. You may upload both images here.
  • Tooltip Background Color – Use this color picker to select the color of your tooltip.
  • Popup Background Color – Use this color picker to select the color of the popup gallery.
  • Map Background Color – If a transparent PNG image is used for your map, you can use this color picker to select the color of the background for the map. (PNG recommended)
  • Map Drag Momentum – This controls the “drag” feel of the map which is similar to Google Maps. Leave blank for default. Higher number means a higher “drag” feel.

Google Map Mode Settings:

  • Mode – Select the Google Map style here
  • Search Radius – Specify in miles the search radius in which location results will be displayed.
  • Center Map on Search Results – Enable a function that will auto-center your map on search results. this is useful if planning to have your map displayed on a mobile device.
  • Main Location – This setting is for creating locations. However, you can use this to automatically center your map on a specific location.
  • Initial Zoom – Set your default zoom level – this is helpful if you want to zoom in on a specific region or country/state.

Be sure to Publish your map.

To Edit A Map

To edit a map, click on Maps from the dashboard and click the edit from the menu that appears when the map title is hovered over.


The edit screen is exactly the same as the Add Map screen. Make your changes and Update.

mapify-edit map screen