MapifyPro allows you to create and maintain as many maps as you need. It organizes these maps in a library that you can add to, or edit at

After you have created a map and setup all the locations for that map, you can add the map to a page or post on your site. To do so, you type in a

Create Filters If you would like your map to contain a dropdown list of pre-defined filters, you will want to be sure to turn your Enable Filters

Setting up a map with a custom image rather than using Google Maps is almost identical to creating a new map. See the Add/Edit A Map post for more

After your map is created, you can start adding locations. You can add as many to a map as you like and edit them as many times as needed. To Add a

MapifyPro allows you to upload multiple locations in a single upload. Save this as your last step after you have set up all of your maps. Select