When writing pages and posts, there is an option called Visibility in the Publish box, which is set to Public (visible to everyone) by default. If you

Posts are saved by the published date, with the most recent date being the first post to appear on the page. If you would like to change the order of

Changes are automatically saved every 2 minutes as your write and edit your posts and pages. You can see when the last entry was saved in the lower

You can add tabs to your pages and posts by selecting the Add Tabs icon in the toolbar. (Contact your Project Manager if you do not have the Add Tabs

Categories and Tags are simply ways to classify and organize your content. Each post must have one category, but it is up to you whether you have tags

The two most common types of content that are managed on a WordPress powered website are Posts and Pages. The publishing process is identical, and

A featured image allows you to associate one image to your post or page that will be displayed in index pages or other pages on your site. This image

You can access the Categories screen by choosing Categories from the Posts widget in the dashboard. The Categories screen looks like

Add new post: Select the Post Button Select Add New To edit an existing post: Select the Post Button Select All Posts Rolling over