Add a Featured Image

A featured image allows you to associate one image to your post or page that will be displayed in index pages or other pages on your site. This image is displayed separately from the rest of the content. The image chosen for your featured image does not have to be used within your content. If your website is designed to show a large or small image along with a post for example, it is often nice to have a photo for the featured photo that is not already used within the content.

To add a featured image click on the Set featured image link found in the Featured image section of the editor sidebar. Download your image to the media library or grab an image already in the media library and click Set featured image button at the bottom of the screen.

featured image

set featured image

remove featured image

The featured image will appear in the sidebar of your editor and will show up on your site in a number of locations, depending on how your site is designed. The theme or design of your site decides where the featured image is used and the size it appears in each location. Some places that your featured image may appear are at the top of your blog post (either in a large or small format), or on the home page of your website above a link to the blog post. It also may appear like it does on this training site – to the side of the blog post.

blog image