When writing pages and posts, there is an option called Visibility in the Publish box, which is set to Public (visible to everyone) by default. If you

Changes are automatically saved every 2 minutes as your write and edit your posts and pages. You can see when the last entry was saved in the lower

You can add tabs to your pages and posts by selecting the Add Tabs icon in the toolbar. (Contact your Project Manager if you do not have the Add Tabs

To redirect a page from the sidebar menu to a different URL, simply scroll down on that page to the Theme SEO Settings box. Enter the new URL in the

The two most common types of content that are managed on a WordPress powered website are Posts and Pages. The publishing process is identical, and

Your website may give you the option to change page templates. Page templates slightly chance the look and/or layout of your page. The basic page

Most WordPress themes come with more than one page template from which you can chose. The page template controls the structure and layout of the