What is the difference between WordPress posts and pages?

The two most common types of content that are managed on a WordPress powered website are Posts and Pages.

The publishing process is identical, and the same content could be published as either type, so choosing between them can be difficult. What does differ between Posts and Pages is how WordPress handles them.

WordPress Pages

Add New Pages A WordPress page should be used on content that won’t be changing very often. Example: About Us or Contact pages. These pages are providing a viewer with information that will generally being staying the same.

WordPress Posts

Add New PostWordPress Posts are great for content that you will be updating often such as a blog or news pages. This allows your viewers to constantly be seeing updated information while still having access to previous content.

One way to help tell a page and post a part is to look at the sidebars in the Editor.

WordPress Pages will offer you options of setting your new page up as a parent or child page, while also allowing you to choose page templates and sidebars.

Add New Page

WordPress Posts sidebar will ask you to choose a category, add tags and a featured image too your new post.

Add New Post