H2- Heading 2's are used for the main heading of the page H3- Main divisions of topics on the page. H3's are used to divid topics on the page. If

Quite often, you will want to create a link in either a page or a post to a pdf or other type of file.  For the best user experience, the best way to

There is often some confusion on when to use a button and when to use a link. When To Use A Button Buttons are most often used to "do something" or

From the Dashboard, select Users > Add New In this Screen, you may add new Users to your site. Username (required) - Enter the

WordPress has 4 levels of roles that users can be assigned: Editor - Somebody who can publish and manage posts and pages as well as manage other

Make a link standout by adding a button to your page or post. Start in the visual editor of your page/post. Click on the button symbol in the

If accordions are set up on your website, there should be an icon in your toolbar. Click on the accordion icon to enter the information for all the

The two most common types of content that are managed on a WordPress powered website are Posts and Pages. The publishing process is identical, and

A featured image allows you to associate one image to your post or page that will be displayed in index pages or other pages on your site. This image

Since the Dashboard is the first screen you see when you log into WordPress, it is important to understand what it all can do for you and the best way

Why is it so darn hard to get an acceptable password in my WordPress Dashboard? The password criteria for users is based on a different a style of

The way you format your content on your page is just as important to your website design as the images, layout, or any other element. It’s the best