Creating New Users

From the Dashboard, select Users > Add New

new user screen

In this Screen, you may add new Users to your site.

Add-New-User Screen

Username (required) – Enter the username of the new user here. This will also be used as the Login name of the new user.

E-mail (required) – Enter a valid e-mail address of the new user here. The e-mail address must be unique for each user.

First Name – Enter the first name of the new user here.

Last Name – Enter the last name of the new user in this text box (the display name defaults to first and last name).

Website -: You may enter the new user’s website URL in this text box.

Password – Enter a password for the new user. A box below the password will show a Strength Indicator. This indicates if the password you entered is Very Weak, Weak, Medium, or Strong (displayed in green). The stronger the password the more secure the login. Hint: The password should be at least seven characters long. To make it stronger, use upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols like !”?$%^&). Once you have your password, select the box Confirm Password

Send User Notification – Check the box to Send this password to the new user by email.

Role – Select the desired Role for this User from the drop-down box. Click here to read about User Roles

Add New User – Click this important button to save the new user’s information into WordPress’ database. If you don’t click this button, the user will not be added. A flash message at the top of the screen will advise you that the new user has been added.