When the Real3D Flipbook is installed on your site, you will see a Real3D Flipbook option in your dashboard. Adding a new Flipbook In the

H2- Heading 2's are used for the main heading of the page H3- Main divisions of topics on the page. H3's are used to divid topics on the page. If

With mobile responsive sites, it is always best to make phone numbers clickable so that the user can quickly access the number they want to reach. To

A callout box is a graphic element used to call attention to small amounts of important information. Often a callout box is a button or image that

When the VI Document Manager is installed on your site, you will see a VI Docs option in your dashboard. Categories Enter a new category for

Do you ever have the issue of misspelling a link on your page or post and accidentally sending your users to a blank page or that awful 404 Error

Adding Videos to your site is quick & easy! It's just like adding an image - From any Post or Page, once you have the cursor placed where you

WordPress has updated their linking capabilities to make the process even quicker to link to another page or post on your site. When you want to

When writing pages and posts, there is an option called Visibility in the Publish box, which is set to Public (visible to everyone) by default. If you

Whether you are new to WordPress or have been using it for a while, here are a few tips and tricks you may have been missing: Create a hyperlink

Posts are saved by the published date, with the most recent date being the first post to appear on the page. If you would like to change the order of

Changes are automatically saved every 2 minutes as your write and edit your posts and pages. You can see when the last entry was saved in the lower