How to Use Buttons

There is often some confusion on when to use a button and when to use a link.

When To Use A Button

Buttons are most often used to “do something” or perform an action like download, edit, sign up, etc. A good rule of thumb is that if any type of form fields for data is needed, or any action needs to be taken a button should be used.

If you are wanting the user to “go somewhere” on your website or to another website, it is best practice to use a link instead of a button.

Create A Button

If you’re website has buttons built in, there should be a an icon in the toolbar. Click on this button icon to add a button anywhere within your content on a post or a page.

button toolbar icon

You will get a popup window. Fill in the Title of the button, the Link to the file or page you need to go to and check the Open in new Window box unless you are linking to another page within your own site. If you are not, you want to make sure this box is checked so that it doesn’t take your users away from your site when performing the action.

button popup

The button shortcode will appear in your text editor.

button shortcode
When you preview or publish, the button will appear like a button on your page/post.


Edit A Button

Once a button is on the page, you can change the button in one of two ways.

  1. Delete the button shortcode and create a new button like shown above
  2. Edit the shortcode to change the name of the button or the location that it links to.
    To change the name of the button, change the text within the brackets (]xxx[) as shown here.
    button shortcode - name highlighted
    To change the link location, change the text within the parenthesis (“xxx”) as shown here. Be sure that if you link the button to an image, you copy or type the name of the image within the parenthesis to match exactly what was uploaded to the media library.
    button shortcode-link addres

Note: The button function can be styled to match your website look and feel. Talk to your Account Director if you feel you need the styling changed.