Linking a PDF or File

Quite often, you will want to create a link in either a page or a post to a pdf or other type of file.  For the best user experience, the best way to have these links open up is in a new window.  Here’s how to get it done –

  • Upload the file you want to add to your page or post to the Media Library by clicking the Add Media button.

Add media button

upload your file box

  • Copy the url for the file you added and click the X button at the top right.

insert-media screen

  • Highlight the text within your content that you want to link to your file.
  • Click the insert/edit link icon button in the tool bar to open a popup window.

click on the link icon

  • A popup window will appear that allows for quick links to pages and posts within the site – click the gear icon to get a second popup window

Linking pop up window

  • Paste the URL of your file into the URL location box.
  • Click the Open link in a new window/tab box so that when someone clicks to open your file, they will continue to have access to your website.
  • Click the Add Link button

Insert Link Popup box

Be sure to click Publish or Update button to save the link on your page or post.