Visibility: Private vs. Password Protected

When writing pages and posts, there is an option called Visibility in the Publish box, which is set to Public (visible to everyone) by default. If you click Edit, then you will see options such as Password Protected and Private. 2016-04-29 10-16-05

Simply click on Password Protected to add a common password to your page or post. When you do this, only visitors with the common password will have access to the content of the Password Protected page or post.

*Note: Keep in mind the password is a common password for the page or post. Not an individual password per visitor. If you are in need of enhanced security, contact your Account Director for more information. 2016-04-29 10-14-27

A Private post is visible only to logged in users with an Editor user role to your website. Typically Private posts or pages are for internal use. A page can be Private without being Password Protected. 2016-04-29 10-14-28