How to best organize WordPress posts using categories and tags

Categories and Tags are simply ways to classify and organize your content. Each post must have one category, but it is up to you whether you have tags or not.

Categories and tags can be used to organize blog posts similar to how a book is organized with a table of contents and an index.


Categories can┬ábe considered your blog’s table of contents with a hierarchy such as chapters in a book, with subchapters. Categories allow the posts to be organized by common topics and subtopics.

Example of Categories: (Recipes would be the category, the rest would be sub-categories)


  • Desserts
  • Main Course
  • Breakfast
  • Appetizers


Tags have a flat hierarchy and are similar to a book’s index or keywords listed throughout the book. Tags allow you to search the entire site for common words.

Example of Tags: baking, chocolate, nuts, eggs, chicken, spinach