Adding or Editing Posts

Add New Post

Add new post:

  • Select the Post Button
  • Select Add New

Edit Posts

To edit an existing post:

  • Select the Post Button
  • Select All Posts
  • Rolling over the post you want and select the Edit option

Hint:  Give your Posts descriptive Titles. This title will appear at the top of your post and will become the linked text that links to this post in other pages. It also becomes the default file name for the post that Google sees.

Post Options

Below the text editor are a number of features and advanced options for your post. Here you assign things like categories, tags, allow or disallow comments, etc.

Post FeaturesDiscussion (if applicable)

  • Allow Comments—by default, this will be turned on.  You have the ability to turn off comments on a per post basis
    • Trackbacks and Pings – ping feature will display links to other blogs that had linked to your post. If pings are selected then links to their posts where they had referenced you will automatically appear in your list of comments once their site has pinged yours.


  • Page Author – if your site has multiple users you would assign one as the author of the post here.

Comments (if applicable)

  • This is where you will see and be able to manage any submitted comments related to the specific post


  • Page Status – this displays the current status of the page as a draft or published page or you can set it to private where it would require a password to access it.
  • Visibility – this displays the current status of the page as public, password protected or private (this is also where password are set for password protected pages)
  • Published on – displays when the page was published.  Also used for scheduling future publish dates


  • Categories – attach your post to a Category. You can add new Categories here. Categories can be also managed in the Manage/Categories tab. If you neglect to assign the post to a category your it will be assigned to your default category.


  • Tags – assign tags to your Post. Tags are another form of categorization of your posts.

Hint:  If you previously wrote your text using a word processor, like Microsoft Word, you will transfer lots of formatting when copying and pasting the text into your WordPress editor. It will produce a bunch of unnecessary code.  To avoid this, you can first paste your text into a simple text editor like Notepad (all Microsoft operating systems include the Notepad program). This will strip all the formatting from Word into pure text. Then copy and paste from Notepad into WordPress using the Paste as Plain Text option. You will now need to add your formatting as you would like it displayed on your website.