How to Create and Edit Post Categories

You can access the Categories screen by choosing Categories from the Posts widget in the dashboard.

post categories

The Categories screen looks like this:


Add a category

To add a new category enter the Category Name and Category Slug, choose a Category Parent from the drop down list, enter the Description for the category and click on the Add Category button.

The category name can be the full name of the category to be used, for example “wedding catering”. The slug will be a search engine friendly version of the category. If you do not enter the slug the system will automatically create one consisting of all lowercase words separated by a hyphen, for example “wedding-catering”.

Hint:Categories can have a hierarchy. For example, “Weddings” may be a parent category for the sub-categories of “catering”, “photography” and “cars”. If the category you are adding is a sub-category, choose the parent category from the drop down list.

Edit a Category

On the right of the screen is a table that lists all of the categories in the system. Placing the mouse over the name of a category in the list displays an edit menu of options or simply clicking on the category name will take you to the edit category screen for that category.

Clicking on the count number to the far right of the post name will take to you to the Edit Post screen with a list of the posts assigned to this category.


The Edit Category screen looks like this:


Simply edit the category name, category slug, category parent and description and click on the Update button to make your changes.