Batch Uploading Locations

MapifyPro allows you to upload multiple locations in a single upload. Save this as your last step after you have set up all of your maps.

Select from Dashboard – MapifyPro – Batch Upload

Mapify-batch upload

  • Select the map you want your locations to be uploaded to in the dropdown menu.
  • Click Choose File to upload your property formatted csv file (Click on the Download sample csv file anytime to use as a guide when creating your csv file.)
  • Click Import

CSV File

Note: You can only use csv files formatted as the sample provided for you. For the best results, download the sample file and use it as is – fill in the predetermined cells with your own information. Altering the csv layout, adding cells, or other changes can cause conflicts that result in an error. 

mapify-sample csv

  • A – Title of your location
  • B – Description that will appear in the pop-up gallery description area
  • C – Content for the tooltip which will appear when location is hovered over
  • D – Address field used to tell MapifyPro where to plot the location
  • E – The city of your location
  • F – The zip code of your location
  • G – The country of your location
  • H – Enter Y or N in this field. Y for yes if you want the popup box to appear when location is clicked on. N for no if you do not want the popup box to appear
  • 1-20+ – Enter as many fields as needed, one for each location you are adding.

When finished, save your csv file and upload it to the Batch Uploads by clicking the Choose File button.