Create and Edit Filters

mapify dashboard

Create Filters

If you would like your map to contain a dropdown list of pre-defined filters, you will want to be sure to turn your Enable Filters option to Yes when creating your map.

  • Dashboard – Mapify – Maps – Add New

enable filters

On the right of this new map screen is the box to create the list of map filter tag names. This is a list of all the options you want to be shown in the dropdown menu for this map. Each item in this drop down menu is called a location tag. Separate each drop down menu item (location tag) with a comma and click the Add button. When you have finished, click the Publish button.

For example: If I am a restaurant company that has multiple locations in the state, but does not offer the same service at each location, I can create a map of Minnesota with a dropdown menu (filter) of items that will show the user which locations each specific service is offered at. My Map Filter Tags could be: Breakfast, Sit Down Service, Drive Thru, Open until Midnight

Add filters

Create Map Points & Adding Filter Tags

Once your main map has been created and the Map Filter Tags have been added to it, you can start creating each map point you want to appear on your map.

  • Dashboard – Mapify – Map Locations – Add New

Under the Map Filter Tags – either type in the location tag you want or click on the blue “Choose from the most used location tags” link and select from the list that appears. Ex: This location only offers: Sit Down Service, Open until Midnight

Add map location

Continue adding all the content for each map point you want to appear on your map, then view the map. It should have a filter drop down menu with all the location tags you created.

Editing Filters

If you need to edit one of the items in your filter drop down menu, you can do so by selecting that specific location tag.

  • Dashboard – Mapify – Location Tags

In the Location Tags screen, you can add a new item to the filter list. You can also change the name of a current item, or delete a current item from the list by hovering over it’s name and selecting the Edit option.

For example: I could change my location tag from “Sit Down Service” to be “Table Service” instead. 

Changing the name of a tag will not alter any of the map points you had set up to be associated with that tag. The map points will remain connected to that tag and will automatically replace the old name.