Adding/Editing Locations

After your map is created, you can start adding locations. You can add as many to a map as you like and edit them as many times as needed.

To Add a Location

Go to Map Locations under the Dashboard and click Add New

mapify-map locations new

Enter a title of your location and enter content in the text box that you want to be displayed in a popup box.


MapifyPro Options

  • Maps – Select the map/s from the list that you want this specific location to appear on. The maps will appear on the right column
  • Enable Popup – Allows a popup box to appear when the location is clicked on
  • Enable Tooltip – This allows a small box to appear when the location is hovered over
  • Close Tooltip – Choose if you want this to close automatically or manually
  • Include Location Information – This will show or hide the location information in the location popup box when clicked on
  • Include Directions – This will include a link to directions to this location from Google
  • Tooltip – Enter the brief description you would like the user to see when they hover over the location
  • Pin Image – be sure to upload a new pin image if you do not want to use the default pin that was created with the map it is going to be located on

Gallery Settings

  • Video Embed Code – Include a video in the popup box when clicked on
  • Gallery Images – Add images if you want them to appear in the popup box when clicked on
  • Location – Enter the address in the bar provided and click the magnify glass icon if you don’t do this step, your new location won’t show up on the map! A pin will drop onto that location. If it is not quite where you want it to be, you can click and drag the pin to set the mark as you prefer

Address Details

  • Enter a phone number, address, city, state and zip code here – this information will appear in the popup menu under a Location information header
  • Links – Enter any links you would like to appear in the popup box here. Click Add Entry
  • Share Services – click to include any social media links

Click Update

To Edit A Location

  • Simply click on the location name under Dashboard – MapifyPro – Map Locations.
  • Make your changes
  • Click Update