Using the FAQ plug-in

FAQ allows you to manage hundreds, even thousands of questions and allows you to automatically notify the user when their question has been answered.


The Dashboard

The FAQ Dashboard Overview will allow you to see and edit the number of:

  • Groups – allows you to categorize the questions into like groups
  • Questions – all of the individual questions are editable here, and shows you if they have been approved to appear on the site yet or not
  • Custom Fields – this allows you to collect data from your user such as user name, email address, age, etc.

Create A Group

You will want to create a group for each category of questions

Dashboard > FAQ > Groups > Add New


To start, go to the dashboard and select groups from the FAQs. From this screen you can select Add New to create a new group or you can edit an existing group. If you select to add a new group, add the name of the group and select the options that best serve your needs for this group. Be sure to click Save Group.


Ask A Question

FAQs allow you to add a question & answer on your own or have the users ask a question via a small form which is then sent to your email until you can answer it and approve it to be seen on the website. You can configure the setting to automatically respond to the user when the question has been answered.

To add a question:  Dashboard > FAQ > Questions > Add New


  • Question – Ask the question in the top box
  • Answer – List the answer in the text area below. You are able to use styling of headers and links like in a normal post or page here with its WYSIWYG editor and options.
  • FAQ Group – Select what group this question should be associated with
  • WordPress Post/Page – Allows you to chose Custom Post, Post or Page if desired.
  • Save FAQ – Approved means it will appear on the pages with the FAQ group you selected, if Not Approved then the page will not yet appear on the any page.

Add Groups of Questions to a Page

To add the FAQ questions to a page you first need to get the shortcode for each group.

Dashboard > FAQ > Groups


  • Open the page you want the FAQs to be on
  • Name the Group titles with the headers you choose
  • Copy and paste the shortcode for each FAQ group


This is an example of how they will appear on the page.
The FAQs are styled to match your site automatically.


Allow Users to Ask the Questions

Users can ask a question from your FAQ page and can be notified when the question has been answered. You can receive an email notification when a new question has been asked and is waiting for approval. Once it is answered and approved, the question will appear on the site in every location that the shortcode for it’s specific group has been added. The user will also be automatically emailed the response if desired.

This is a sample of how the question form may appear on your page. (It will automatically be styled to match the styling on your site.)


To get this question form to appear on your page, you have to select the Ask Box within the Group

Dashboard > FAQ > Group 


Make sure to set your email address and the configuration settings that best fit your needs.

Dashboard > FAQ > Configuration

FAQ-configuration settings