How to Reorder Meteor Slides

Meteor Slides are ordered, chronologically, by the publish date and time. That being said, the slide with the most recent date and time will appear first in the slideshow. You can adjust the slide order by changing the date. This process is easy, just follow the steps below…

Step #1

In your dashboard go to Slides, look at the published date of each slide, and determine which date is most recent. Below, both slides were published on the same day, now we need to look further, at the time the slide was published.


Step #2

Click edit, under the slide title.


Step #3

Review the publish date and time of each slide. Remember, the “Published on” date and time controls the order in which the slides will be played. Simply, click Edit to change that order. If you would like a slide to appear first, then change the date to be the most recent date/time. If you would like a slide to appear at the end, then change to a later date.


Step #4

Click the update button.


Step #5

Visit your site to view the updated slide order.