Managing Forms

forms-formsThe Forms page not only displays a list of all of your existing forms, it also gives you a quick rundown on basic analytics such as views, number of entries, and the conversion ratio.

  • Id – Each form is given an unique Id. This Id number is used when Adding a form to a page with the shortcode button
  • Title – The name of the form. It can be edited at any time by editing the form
  • Views – This tracks the number of times a form has been viewed
  • Entries – The number of times that form has been submitted
  • Conversion – The percentage of users who viewed the form and submitted an entry

Form Options

By hovering over a form in the list a menu will appear providing a number of options


  • Edit – Edit the form
  • Settings – Change the Settings, Confirmation, or Notifications
  • Entries – This gives a list of all the entries submitted for the form
  • Preview – Preview the form to see how it will look to the user. This can be used to submit an entry or test.
  • Duplicate – This will create a duplicate of the form and all the form, field and notification settings
  • Trash – This will delete the form and ALL entry data associated with the form