I usually get my contact forms emailed to me.  I haven't seen any for a couple of days, how can I make sure the information is making it to my

Notifications allow you to manage the emails that are automatically sent as a result of your visitor filling out a form on your website and clicking

Enabeling conditional logic allows questions to be asked only if previous questions have been answered in a specific way. Example: If you wanted

Gravity Forms enable you to manage communication that takes place as a result of a form submission. This allows you to use Confirmations to

Keep tabs on your WordPress site's traffic using the Google Analytics Dashboard reports. Here are definitions of the commonly used Google Analytics

The Google Analytics Summary in your WordPress dashboard provides you with a very high overview of some key performance measurements. You may see some

MapifyPro allows you to create and maintain as many maps as you need. It organizes these maps in a library that you can add to, or edit at

If your website has the Table Buttons plug-in, here are some tips on how to use it. It functions similarly to tables in Microsoft Word. How do you

After you have created a map and setup all the locations for that map, you can add the map to a page or post on your site. To do so, you type in a

Create Filters If you would like your map to contain a dropdown list of pre-defined filters, you will want to be sure to turn your Enable Filters

Setting up a map with a custom image rather than using Google Maps is almost identical to creating a new map. See the Add/Edit A Map post for more

FAQ allows you to manage hundreds, even thousands of questions and allows you to automatically notify the user when their question has been