How can I check my Contact Form Submissions?

I usually get my contact forms emailed to me.  I haven’t seen any for a couple of days, how can I make sure the information is making it to my inbox?

Your Contact Form Submissions are set up to deliver right into your inbox, but from time to time there may be email issues (such as SPAM filters, accidental deletion) that prevent you from seeing this important information.  That’s where WordPress & Gravity Forms can come to the rescue.  Not only are your form submissions emailed, they are also stored in a database within your website files that you can view from your WordPress Dashboard.

To see the submissions, you’ll first need to log in to WordPress.  You’ll see the Gravity Forms Dashboard Widget.

forms dashboard

This dashboard widget provides you with some quick information about the forms you have in your website. You can quickly see which forms have unread entries, how many unread entries and the last date of entry submission on a form by form basis.

Clicking the form name or the number of unread entries will take you to the entry screen for that form. The dashboard widget only shows unread entries, not total entries.

The entry screen will look like this:


The Entries page allows you to browse all entries generated by submissions. From this screen you can edit, mark as read, mark as unread, delete and flag entries for further usage using the entry stars.

To access the entry toolbar you hover on an entry and you will be presented with the option to View, Mark unread/read or Delete.

  • Filter Toolbar—The entry filter toolbar allows you to select which entries you would like to view: All, Unread, Starred. It includes the number of entries in each section.
  • Select A Form—The select a form dropdown allows you to select which form entries you would like to view. This allows you to quickly browse and edit entries on a form by form basis.
  • Star—The Star icon to the left of each entry enables you to flag important entries. You can then browse all starred entries for that form by selecting the Starred link in the filter toolbar.
  • View Entry—Selecting the View link when hovering over an entry will bring you to the edit entry screen for that entry.
  • Mark read/unread—Depending on the status of the entry, selecting this option will either mark the entry as read or unread.
  • Delete—Delete the entry. Only select this if you are absolutely sure you would like to delete the data.

It’s that easy to view your Contact Form Submissions!