Create a New Form

To create a new form, click on Forms – New Form in the Dashboard.


Enter your form title. A description can be added if you choose. Click Create Form.


Building Your Form

Select a field type from the floating panels on the right by clicking on a specific field. Most forms will use fields from the Advanced Fields panel.

Common fields used are: Name, Address, Phone, Email, Date


  • Click the dropdown arrow to open the field box
  • In the Properties Tab – Name your field
  • Add a description if you need. Descriptions will appear small below the field.
  • Select the Required Box if you want to make that field one that must be completed before the form can be submitted.
  • Continue adding field boxes one at a time until you have all the desired fields
  • The submit button will auto-generate so you do not need to add a field for it
  • Click Update Form button when complete

Click here to learn more about selecting a field.

Creating A Page

When your form has been created, you need to add it to a page. Create a new page by going to the Dashboard – Page – Add New



  • Name the new page
  • Click the Add Form button
  • Select your form from the Insert A Form popup window. Choose if you want the form to display the title or description and click the Insert Form button
  • A short code will appear in the content area of your page
  • Click the Publish button and view the form

Click here to learn more about editing an existing form.