Edit An Existing Form

Often you will find that a change needs to be done to an existing form. To edit a form, click on Forms in the Dashboard. It will show you a list of all the forms you have existing. Either click on the form name or on the Edit from the list below the form name when hovered over.


The form you want to edit will open up. You can change, add, delete or reorder any field.

  • Drag and drop fields on the left to reorder them as you desire by grabbing the dark bar at the top of the field box
  • If you want to add a field, click on the new field name. It will drop to the bottom of the form, but you can drag and drop it to the order you prefer
  • Click on the X in the upper right of a specific field box to delete it
  • Change any information within any of the fields already created
      • TIPS & TRICKS: It’s easy to make a field a required field. Once you open up the field you want to be required to edit it, you’ll see a Required checkbox.

    Gravity Forms Required Field

    • Add HTML Blocks to add¬†disclaimers, content or instructions
    • Add Section or Page breaks if form is too long or hard to follow
    • When finished changing the form be sure to click the¬†Update Form button