Add an Event

To set up an event, regardless of whether you’re a Standard or PRO user, navigate to the Dashboard of your site and select Events → Add New. You’ll notice that this looks very similar to the page you see when adding a regular post.


Title, description, tags, categories and featured image operate identical to a regular blog post.

  • Add a tile of the event
  • Add your content about event
  • Select the category you would like your event to be associated with
  • Assign a featured image to the event

The Event Calendar Section


Once you begin adding event details, the first thing you’ll need to decide is whether or not this will be an All Day Event. If it is, hit the checkbox; you’ll see the start/end time fields disappear upon doing so. If it isn’t an all-day event, leave this field unchanged.

Select the Start Date/Time; start date will default to today and start time/end time will default to 8 a.m. / 5 p.m. respectively. However — assuming you haven’t set this event as all day — you can change these to whatever fits your event criteria using the dropdowns.

If you’re a PRO user, you’ll also see a dropdown for “Recurrence.” If that’s the case leave “Recurrence” set to “None” for now; we’ll discuss recurring events below (Setting up recurring events).


Event Location will determine the venue for your event. You can either use a saved venue from the dropdown or create a new one on the spot. If you do create a new one now, it’ll be saved in the dropdown for use on any future event you create. It’s also worth noting that you can add as many or as few venue details as you see fit; whether it’s a specific address or just a country, the plugin will accommodate your needs. You can also leave these fields entirely blank if you don’t want any venue information to display. However, you will need a full address if you want to make use of the Google Maps options, Map View, and/or Location Search.

If you check the “Show Google Maps Link” box, it will include a nice button that links your readers to view the venue information at If you check the “Show Google Maps” box, it will embed a map of the venue into the events page directly. You can include one, both or neither of these on an event-by-event basis. Keep in mind these options will only show if you have Enable Google Maps checked in the Settings.


Event Organizers are similar to the venue details we added above, only these focus on the person putting the event together. Once again you have the option to pick from existing organizers via the dropdown or to add a new one using the fields available; and once again, you can add as many or as few organizer details as you wish.


Event Website allows you to enter a URL if the event itself has a separate website. Otherwise you can leave it blank.


The Additional Event Fields options allow you add information specific for your event such as:

  • type of event
  • topics covered during the event
  • cost for the event
  • what to bring
  • how to register

If you leave any of these fields blank they will not appear on the page.