Enable Conditional Logic

Enabeling conditional logic allows questions to be asked only if previous questions have been answered in a specific way.


If you wanted to ask the user where they heard about your business, you could create a Radio Button field asking them to choose Website, Radio, Newspaper or Other. By using conditional logic, when they click on Other, a new Single Line Text box will open up asking them to Describe Other. Likewise, you could create another Single Line Text box that will open up asking them to describe What Newspaper if Newspaper is clicked, or What Radio Station if Radio is clicked. Your options are endless.


To create this example on your form follow these steps:

  • Create a list using Radio Buttons, Check Boxes, Drop Downs or Multi-Select
  • Create a Single Line Text field
  • In the Properties Tab – Name your field
  • In the Advanced Tab – Click the Enable Conditional Logic box
  • Select the question and answer that are required for this single line text box to open up