Meteor Slides Slideshow

To create a slideshow using Meteor Slides, you first have to determine the size of your images you want to use in the slideshow and make sure all the images are set to that correct size.

Create a Slideshow

In your dashboard go to Slides – Slideshows. This screen will allow you to create a new slideshow. Give it a Name and a slug. List any parent if there is one and any description you want added to your slideshow. Click Add New Slideshow.

new slideshow

Add a Slide

In your dashboard go to Slides – Add New. This screen will allow you to create a new slides.

add new slide

  • Enter a title
  • Select Set featured image to upload your image – be sure to make sure your image is the size listed in the Slide Image titlebar (example: 940×200)
  • Enter a URL for the slide image to link to
  • In the Slideshows box on the right, select which slideshow this slide should appear in
  • Publish

Edit a Slide

In your dashboard go to Slides – Slides. Hover over the name of the slide you want to edit and click Edit from the menu that appears or simply click on the slide name. Make your changes and click Publish.

edit a slide


In your dashboard go to Slides – Settings. This is where you can configure all your slideshow settings such as how many slides can be used at a time (it will take the most current ones selected for that slideshow). Here you can set the size of the slideshow – if you change this, make sure that all the images get changed to match the new size as well. You also have a large number of transition options from the dropdown menu and can set how many seconds you want between slide changes. Be sure to click Save Changes.

slide settings

At the bottom of the settings panel, is a shortcode that can be used to add the slideshow to a page or post. Copy this shortcode and paste it into your page or post.

Add a Slide to a Page or Post

Paste the Meteor Slides shortcode into your page or post where you want the slideshow to appear.

slide shortcode

You need to add your slideshow slug name to the shortcode provided in the settings panel.

The Settings page provides the shortcode: [meteor_slideshow]

Find your slug by going to Slides – Slideshows. Select the slideshow you want and copy the slug name into the space between the parenthesis in the new shortcode.

The new shortcode to be entered into your page:
[meteor_slideshow slideshow=”name-of-slideshow-slug-here”]

Click Publish and view your new slideshow.