Adding a New Slide

Adding a new image to your slide show is quick & easy!

Log in to your WordPress Dashboard.  From the Dashboard, choose Slides


This will bring you to the Slides page.  On the Slides page, there are 2 ways to choose to Add New slide.


Once you have clicked on Add New, you will be directed to the Add New Slide page.  From here, name your new slide. Click on Set Featured Image and a familiar popup will be displayed.  You can choose the image you want to add to your slide show in the same way you have added any image to the site.

Quick Hint:  Next to the Slide Image title will be the ideal dimensions of your slides.  You can use these dimensions as a guide for any image editing you want to do before uploading the image into the Slide Show



When you have chosen the image you want uploaded, click on Set Featured Image.

Once you have added your image, choose which Slideshow it needs to be included in, add a Slide Link (this is the link that will be opened if a visitor clicks on the slide image) if needed and don’t forget to click Publish!