Using WordPress Page Templates

Most WordPress themes come with more than one page template from which you can chose.
The page template controls the structure and layout of the pages on your site.

To change the page template you can click on the Template dropdown menu to select the page template you want from the available options. Some sites have only one template, some have many to choose from.


default-page-templateKeep in mind that each WordPress theme has a different number of templates to choose from.
Some sites require different types of sidebars to be used throughout the site therefore require multiple page templates to reflect which side bar needs to be added to each page. The most common templates used are Default Template and Full Width.

Here is an example of possible page template options:

Default Template: You are always given a default template. This template often will include a sidebar (or the look for your subpages) This is the template used for the majority of the page layouts.

Archive: This template is used only to create an archive page within the site. This template would only be used for one specific page.

Full Width: You may be given the option to have a full width template which will remove the sidebar and is often used for pages with a large image, table, map or important information.

Home: This template is the design for the home page. Often the home page layout is different from the subpages so requires a separate template.