Updating Image Titles & Alternate Text

Having image titles and alternate text is an important accessibility and SEO tactic that we suggest you incorporate into your WordPress site. But, once added, how do you go about updating them if needed?

It’s a simple process:


alt tag

On the page or post that has the image you need to update, click on the image and the Edit Image and Delete Image buttons will appear. Click on Edit Image button with a pencil icon. This will bring up the following screen.



From this screen, you can change or add the image’s Alternate Text. Click on Advanced options to change the Image Title Attribute. Don’t forget to click Update.


What’s the difference between alt text and a title attribute?

  • Alternate text: what screen readers and search engines read when they view an image on your site. If there isn’t alternate text, search engines don’t see a thing and a screen reader will not be able to tell a disabled person what the image looks like.
  • Title Attribute: what your visitors see in the little yellow box when they hover over the image. So, they are both important to have filled in with descriptive, keyword rich phrases!