Image Widget Plugin

Widgets allow you to manage the sidebar content and are an easy way to add the latest posts and content to your sidebars. You can add an image to your sidebar with the Image Widget plugin.

Select Widgets from the Appearance menu in the dashboard.

To add an image widget to the sidebar, drag and drop Image Widget bar from the list of available widgets into the Sidebar box.


Open the Image Widget dropdown box

  • Click Select an Image – (Example: Vivid Image Logo) This widget uses the same media uploader as the media library to select your image.
  • You may have to play around with the size to see how it best fits into the sidebar.
  • Add a title if you want one to appear and be sure to add alt text (so screen readers can describe the image for those that can not see the image) and also add a link if desired.
  • Click Save


The image you uploaded will now appear in your sidebar.


* Note: There are times that widgets are used to make up parts of a Home Page too!