How to use the VI Document Manager

When the VI Document Manager is installed on your site, you will see a VI Docs option in your dashboard.

VI Docs in dashboard


Enter a new category for every type of pdf you would like use within your site. A category is used like a folder when you have a number of similar pdfs.
(Examples: Policies, Newsletters, Annual Reports, Benefits, Forms, etc.) 

To add a category

  • Under VI Docs in the Dashboard, select Document Category
  • Add the name of your category and add a slug name (WordPress will auto generate a slug name if you leave it blank).
  • You can select a parent if you like. This is a good way to organize your pdfs.
    (Example: Parent Category could be Newsletters, subcategories could be September, October, November, or Spring, Fall, Winter – etc.) 


Add a New Document

Each individual file is added to the Document Manager and given an assigned category.

To add a new file

  • Under VI Docs in the Dashboard, select Add New VI Doc
  • Enter the title of your file.
  • Under File Uploads, Select Add File and select your file from the media library.
  • Categories. Select the category/categories you want your file to be assigned to (it can be assigned to as many as you like) If a category isn’t available, create it by clicking on the Add New Document Category link below the Document Categories box .
  • Click Publish.


Adding Download to A Page

When you are ready to add your downloads to your content, click on the Download Manager icon in your toolbar to get a popup window.


The popup menu allows you to choose if you want to add an individual file by selecting from the Document List tab or you can select to have all of the files in a category to appear on your page by selecting the Category List tab. Select the specific category you want to display and choose if you want the files to be sorted by date or title.

Category list

The Download Manager will insert a short code into your editor but it will display fine on your page when you preview or publish the page.


downloadable files displayed on the page

*The VI Document Manager can be styled to match the design of your site. Talk to your Account Director if you want to know more about styling options.