How do I mask an email address?

Adding email addresses to your website can be tricky. Spammers can get a hold of them and then watch out Рyour inbox can get full of all sorts of fun stuff!  There is a way to mask your email address, but yet allow your visitors to still get a hold of you.

When you are adding content to a Page or Post, instead of typing in the actual email address, you can add something like Email Vivid Image 

Once you have created the text you want your visitor to click on, highlight it and then click on the Insert/edit link icon in the toolbar

Mask an Email

A popup window will open that allows quick links to pages or posts within the site.
Click on the gear icon to open a second popup window.

Linking pop up window

The Insert/Edit link box will pop up. In the URL field, type mailto: and then the email address you want to direct your visitor to. Click on Add Link and you’re done!

mail to info box