Editing a Text Widget

If you’ve ever had troubles editing a text widget, take a look through this post. There are some tips and tricks on how to get that text widget to look just right.

Editing Text Widget

Trying to get styling added to a text widget can be a little difficult. A text widget reads HTML in order to achieve styling. If you’re not familiar with HTML sometimes figuring out how to make the text look good can be tricky. Here’s is a great tip on how to update that text widget without writing any code.

Use a blank/test post or page

The best way to get around writing code for a text widget that needs updating is to use a text post or page. You can use either one as they will both give you what you need. It can be handy to always have one in draft mode that you can use, especially if you update often.

Go to your text post or page, and add your content like you would any other post or page. Go through and add your styling (ie. bold, bullets, links).


Then, in the top right corner of theĀ editor, switch your view from “Visual” to “Text”. This will give you all of the HTML that is creating the styles to your content. Copy all of the content that you want in your text widget.


Save this page as a DRAFT. (Remember, don’t publish this page. It’s only for your use.) Now, go to your widgets and locate the text widget you want to edit. Paste in the code you just copied. Make sure you have “Automatically add paragraphs” checked. This will make sure that all of your paragraphs look like they did on your test page. If you don’t have this checked, it will squish all of your text into one big block.


Saving a Text Widget for Later

This is a great little tip if you know you’ll be reusing a text widget in the future. Most often this happens during the holidays or summer when a company’s hours may shift a little bit.

Inactive Widgets

If you know you’ll be reusing a widget in the future, you don’t have to get rid of it completely and try to remember months later how you styled it. In the widget area of your website, there is a featured called “Inactive Widgets”. This area saves widgets for later use. It can come in handy if there are times when you want to make sure you don’t lose something in case you need it in the future.

Simply click and drag your old widget from it’s spot down into the “Inactive Widgets”.


When it comes time to use that widget, all you need to do is click and drag it to where you want it to show up. All of your styling will still be there. Then click and drag the widget you don’t want over to the “Inactive Widget” area.