Choosing a Strong Password

Why is it so darn hard to get an acceptable password in my WordPress Dashboard?

The password criteria for users is based on a different a style of password you may not be used to, which favors easier to remember and harder to crack chains of words rather than typical password patterns.

We don’t want you to get frustrated by tough passwords. But we really don’t want your site to get hacked either. The use of a strong, unique password is one of the most important things you can do to keep attackers from gaining access to their site.

How to Pick a Medium to Strong Password?

To create a password that meets our strength requirements, it’s recommended to use a mix of four or more random, common words, for example:

  • starbucksportalmonitorstormtrooper
  • correcthorsebatterystsple

While this style of password might break from the common password patterns typically encouraged, it will be much more difficult for computers to crack, and remains easily memorable. If your password still falls below the required Medium password strength level, feel free to add some special characters or numbers to strengthen it.

Added Convenience

Another way to ease password worries is to use a password vault. Software like LastPass and 1Password are written with security in mind and make saving and recalling unique passwords dead simple.

Information compliments of WPEngine