Change Image Size

It is important to always upload a file at the largest size that you want it to be viewed at.

When an image is clicked on from your web page or post, it will open in a new window the size that you uploaded the file to be. WordPress can always make the image appear smaller on the page/post – but when clicked on, the image can not get larger than the uploaded size. You will want to be sure to have the file uploaded as the largest size it will be needed to be viewed at. 
For example… if you have a small image of a map on your page that you want people to be able to click on and print out, you will want to upload it as the size you want your user to be able to print it as – even if you want it to appear as a small image on your page or post. This way, when the image is clicked on to be printed, it will print at full size and be readable. 

Changing the size in the editor

Once your page or post has been created, you can change the size that an image appears on the page/post within the editor at any time.

  • Click on your image in the editor, and drag the corner points out to the size you want the image to appear on your site. You can keep previewing the changes until you get the size you like best. Then be sure to click Update.

Edit media by dragging point

  • OR – you can click on the edit icon in the popup menu and choose the size you want. You can choose from Thumbnail (note that the Thumbnail option may crop off some of the image in order to create a perfect square), Medium, Large, Full Size or Custom Size.

Edit button

Adjust Custom Size

  • If you click on Custom Size, you will be able to enter the exact size you would like your image to appear on the page. Be sure to click Update when you are finished.

Make an Image Clickable

If you want the user to be able to click on the image on your page/post and see it at full-size, you can add a link to the image within your editor.

  • In the media library, click on the image you want and copy the URL.

image url

  • Then click on your image within your editor and click the link button in the toolbar.

Image Link

  • In the pop-up box, paste in the url and click the “open link in a new window tab” box. Be sure to click Update.

If you don’t want the image to be clickable, make sure the url spot in this link pop-up box is empty.

Hint: The Add Media functionality is identical for adding media to a page or a post