Recent Facebook Page Changes

Facebook has been changing the layout of their Pages for business again – this time on the desktop version. It sounds likes the new Facebook Page design has rolled out to most Facebook Pages. Here is a quick review of how the changes affect your page and what Facebook Page Managers should do:

Update your Cover Image – The most obvious visual change is with the cover image. It is no longer necessary to design the cover image around the profile picture or the other text overlays that were previously along the bottom. Facebook recommends 851 x 315 Facebook cover size for the fastest load. This same size can also be found on the Facebook Cover template on Canva. Now is a great time to update your cover image on your Facebook Page to take advantage of the new unobstructed space.

Manage your Tabs, Sections. and Call-to-Action Button – With the new design, the call-to-action button (under cover image), and tabs (left column) are much more prominent. Test your CTA button to make sure it is doing what you want it to, or choose one of the new CTA’s. Most of the tabs can be-reordered, and you may find some 3rd Party Apps to re-name, delete or tweak. The sections (right column) can be edited and re-arranged by clicking on the pencil button in any of the section boxes. When it comes to the tabs and sections, put your best assets on top!

Check that Newsfeed – Your page’s newsfeed link has been moved to the right side of your page. Once you are in your Page’s Newsfeed, Facebook makes it easy for your to “LIKE” more pages as your page. Do you you currently “LIKE” and engage with other Facebook Pages as your Page? If not, now is a great time to start engaging with other pages on a regular basis, as it helps to build your community and awareness of your page. Click on “See Pages Feed” to get started.

Eyes on the Insights – Now it is easy to see if your Weekly Insights and if they are up or down every time you access your page. The metrics are for Admins to see at the top of their Facebook page and include: Post Reach, Website Click, and CTA Button Clicks.

Reviews are Top-of-Mind – For pages who are setup as a local business, the ratings/reviews also seem to be more front and center, near the top right of the page.  This is a great reason to continually be providing remarkable service and products, and ask your customers to leave you a review!

Facebook Page Changes

ICYMI – Facebook Tips:

Handy-Dandy Search box: On the right side of your page is a box where you can “Search for posts on this page”. I remember seeing this is in the “Publishing Tools” admin section of Facebook before and it worked so/so. Now Facebook has placed it right on the page allowing anyone to search for past posts for quick reference as needed.

Invite to Like: If you are running any promoted posts, or get a lot of “Shares” on a Facebook post, you may build up a lot of “Likes” on a post, but they don’t necessarily “Like” your page. If people liked your post, but are not fans, you can click on their names to “Invite” them to like your page. Note, this will send a personal invite from you, not your Page, but it can still be useful in building Facebook Likes from people who liked your post.

See your Faves First: If you hear from your fans, that they don’t see your posts, there is a way that they can tell Facebook they want to see you first!  Beth wrote a great post called “Tired of Hearing from your Fans that they Never see your Posts? on this topic.