My website uses Feedburner, how can I find out who is subscribing to my feed?

Google Feedburner is a third-party feed generator service provided by Google.  Feedburner generates feeds for your website/blog.  We use the e-mail subscription function to allow visitors to sign up to receive feeds via e-mail instead of having to use an RSS reader service.

You may want to find out who is subscribing to your feed.  There is a simple process to getting to the list:

Log into Feedburner.  If you don’t know what your Feedburner username and password is, please contact your Project Manager.

Once logged in, click on the number of Subscribers:


Next, click on See more about your subscribers:

FB-See Subscribers

Then, click on the arrow to open FeedBurner Email Subscriptions.
Click on Manage Your Email Subscriber List:


This will bring you to the screen with your list of subscribers that you can export, search, and manage the subscribers.