Automatic Link Checker

404-page-not-foundDo you ever have the issue of misspelling a link on your page or post and accidentally sending your users to a blank page or that awful 404 Error page? WordPress 4.6 will now automatically detect misspelled links and highlight them in red as you write. For example, if you accidentally type something like htp:// or http:/ it will automatically be highlighted for you. This feature will not check the validity of any correctly spelled link, but it will help ensure that all of the links on your page are properly formatted.


You do not need to include the http:// at all when you copy and paste a URL into your link editor, WordPress will automatically detect it and insert it for you.

Example: Highlight your word you want to link, add the url without the http portion and click Apply.




WordPress will automatically detect that it is missing the beginning and insert it for you.