How to Add Tabs

You can add tabs to your pages and posts by selecting the Add Tabs icon in the toolbar. (Contact your Project Manager if you do not have the Add Tabs icon appearing in your toolbar).

add tab icon in toolbar

You will be given a popup box to create your tabs.

  • Tabs will be horizontal unless you click the Vertical Tabs checkbox
  • Add a Heading and Content for each tab in this popup box
  • If you want a specific tab to appear open when the page or post is opened, you need to make that tab active by changing Active Tab to Yes
  • Click the Add Another Tab button to add more tabs. When you are finished adding tabs, click the Submit button.

tab pop up window Tab-Samples4-6

This example displays how the tabs that have been created above will appear on a page or post.

  • Samples 1-3 are vertical with Sample 2 being the active tab.
  • Samples 4-6 are horizontal with no tabs being active.

sample of tabs as they appear on a page or post