How do I export contacts from Feedburner into my Constant Contact Account?

If you are using the email subscription service to allow visitors to sign-up and receive your blog feeds via email, you may wish to export these contacts from Feedburner and import them into your Constant Contact account for additional email marketing opportunities.

To learn how to access your subscribers in Feedburner, make sure to read through the post “My website uses Feedburner, how can I find out who is subscribing to my feed?” first.

To export your contacts from your feedburner account and import them into Constant Contact, follow this simple process:

Log into Feedburner, and follow the steps for the post linked above.

Click on Export CSV


The file will automatically save to your computer.

Review the file in excel. Check to make sure the email addresses carried over. Save the file to your computer.


Log into Constant Contact.  If you don’t know what your Constant Contact username and password is, please contact your Project Manager.

From the Contacts Menu, select Add Contacts – Add from file.


Select Choose File and select your CSV file you downloaded earlier. Click Continue.


Select the email list you want your file to be added to if there is more than one list. Click Submit.