Creating Facebook Ads with the 20% Rule

Facebook Ads with 20% Text or Less

If you are considering a Facebook Ad or even a paid Facebook Boosted Post for your fan page, you must adhere to Facebook’s advertising guidelines.  One of their main rules stipulates that you may not have more than 20% of your image contain text. Not sure what that looks like on an image? Here are a few examples we’re happy to share with you. You’ll notice that 20% isn’t very much.

Facebook has a Grid Image Checker Tool that can help you determine what 20% of your ad is.


  1. Choose you file
  2. Select any square that has text in it… it will notify you on the left the percentage of your image that contains text. If it is 20% or less, you are good to go!

Facebook also has a helpful tool to upload an image and find out if it will get approved which you can find here.

Facebook’s intent is for you to put most of your text in the update bar and leave the images clean and simple. You may have as much content in your Facebook update as you need, but try to limit it to the essential information and call-to-action. When possible, blog about your ad, contest, initiative, event, etc and link to it. People who are interested can get all the details on your website/blog where there is much more space to elaborate.

If you are thinking of running a contest or giveaway on Facebook, be sure you know the rules. One common mistake we see is requiring people to “share” in order to win, and that’s a no-no, explained here.

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