Adding Closed Captioning For YouTube

Why might you want to add closed captioning to your YouTube videos? Well in addition to aiding in search engine optimization, it also allows people with disabilities or non-english speaking people to view/understand your video.

YouTube will auto generate closed captions and a transcription by use of a speech recognition software or you can upload your own closed captions. Keep in mind that if you choose the auto generated captions, you may need to edit them so it is advised that you read through carefully before going live.

How to add your own closed captioning to your videos

  1. Log into YouTube
  2. Click on video you’d like to edit
  3. Select “Subtitles and CC” and select the language you prefer
  4. Click the “Add Subtitles or CC button”
  5. Chose one of the options: “Create new subtitles or CC”, “Transcribe and set timings” or “Upload a File”
  6. Select transcript file and upload the transcript in a .txt format or type the content as you watch the video. To type the content as you go, play and pause the video where you want the text to appear. You can type in the text in the “Type subtitles here” box provided to the right and use the timeline slider below the video to adjust when the text should start and stop by dragging the handles. Repeat this process for all spoken words or sound effects such as [applause] or [thunder].

For more information see the YouTube website

To view the closed captioning

  1. Go to any Utube video page
  2. Click on the CC button on the bottom right of the video
  3. To turn the closed captioning off, click the CC icon again on the bottom right of the video


To view the transcript

  1. Go to any Utube video page
  2. Below the video click on the “…More”
  3. Click “Transcript”