Essential Local Search Report Location Map - A map of all your locations. Listings Overview - Activity for your locations and listings:

With mobile responsive sites, it is always best to make phone numbers clickable so that the user can quickly access the number they want to reach. To

A callout box is a graphic element used to call attention to small amounts of important information. Often a callout box is a button or image that

The message bar will appear across the top of your home page until you turn it off. The Message Bar allows you to add an (easily removable)

When the VI Document Manager is installed on your site, you will see a VI Docs option in your dashboard. Categories Enter a new category for

No business is going to be able to make every customer happy, 100% of the time. Your website is one location where you are able to control how your

Facebook has been changing the layout of their Pages for business again - this time on the desktop version. It sounds likes the new Facebook Page

Step 1 is determining what most popular means to you. Is it posts that have done well in search over the last year, posts that have gained the most

Do you ever have the issue of misspelling a link on your page or post and accidentally sending your users to a blank page or that awful 404 Error

What is a citation? Local Search Marketing is the creation of online business listings. Each of these listings are known as a citation. Any mention

Take the First Step. The first step to properly using the Genesis SEO settings is to make sure that your site is on a responsible upgrade path. Make

If you've heard from more than one person that they never seem to see your fan page updates in their newsfeed, your best course of action is to guide