You can also change the label and the hover-over text of menu items independently from the page name itself. To edit a page or category title, click

It is important to always upload a file at the largest size that you want it to be viewed at. When an image is clicked on from your web page or post,

Widgets allow you to manage the sidebar content and are an easy way to add the latest posts and content to your sidebars. You can add an image to your

Why is it so darn hard to get an acceptable password in my WordPress Dashboard? The password criteria for users is based on a different a style of

The way you format your content on your page is just as important to your website design as the images, layout, or any other element. It’s the best

Adding Videos to your site is quick & easy!  It's just like adding an image - From any Post or Page, once you have the cursor placed where you

Having image titles and alternate text is an important accessibility and SEO tactic that we suggest you incorporate into your WordPress site. But,

Each site has it's own traffic reporting.  If you aren't sure how to access your statistics reports, contact your Project Manager. The Stats

Your website may give you the option to change page templates. Page templates slightly chance the look and/or layout of your page. The basic page

The WordPress Editor allows you many options to customize and create hierarchy within your content. Basic Editing Options Bold Italic

There are a lot of fun pieces of functionality built into your website from heading tags to accordions. One thing to keep in mind is that all of your

To manage comments that have been left, click on the "Comments" tab on the Dashboard and from there you can moderate. Each comment is listed and you