Online Reviews

No business is going to be able to make every customer happy, 100% of the time. Your website is one location where you are able to control how your

Recent Facebook Page Changes

Facebook has been changing the layout of their Pages for business again - this time on the desktop version. It sounds likes the new Facebook Page

Make Sure Your Fans See Your Facebook Updates

If you've heard from more than one person that they never seem to see your fan page updates in their newsfeed, your best course of action is to guide

How to add a video to your page or post

Adding Videos to your site is quick & easy! It's just like adding an image - From any Post or Page, once you have the cursor placed where you

Creating Facebook Ads with the 20% Rule

Facebook Ads with 20% Text or Less If you are considering a Facebook Ad or even a paid Facebook Boosted Post for your fan page, you must adhere to

Adding Closed Captioning For YouTube

Why might you want to add closed captioning to your YouTube videos? Well in addition to aiding in search engine optimization, it also allows people

My website uses Feedburner, how can I find out who is subscribing to my feed?

Google Feedburner is a third-party feed generator service provided by Google.  Feedburner generates feeds for your website/blog.  We use the e-mail

What Do I Do With Old Blog Posts?

If you are wondering what you should be doing with old blog posts, you are not alone. This is a frequently asked question, and one that deserves

How do I export contacts from Feedburner into my Constant Contact Account?

If you are using the email subscription service to allow visitors to sign-up and receive your blog feeds via email, you may wish to export these