Often you will find that a change needs to be done to an existing form. To edit a form, click on Forms in the Dashboard. It will show you a list of

Gravity Forms enable you to manage communication that takes place as a result of a form submission. This allows you to use Confirmations to

I usually get my contact forms emailed to me.  I haven't seen any for a couple of days, how can I make sure the information is making it to my

Notifications allow you to manage the emails that are automatically sent as a result of your visitor filling out a form on your website and clicking

To create a new form, click on Forms - New Form in the Dashboard. Enter your form title. A description can be added if you choose. Click Create

The Forms page not only displays a list of all of your existing forms, it also gives you a quick rundown on basic analytics such as views, number of

Selecting the correct field may seem overwhelming at first but once you understand that each field serves a very specific purpose, it will become much

Enabeling conditional logic allows questions to be asked only if previous questions have been answered in a specific way. Example: If you wanted